Scottish Ice Rinks Association was founded to promote ‘All things on Ice’

About Us
The general purpose of SIRA is to promote “All things on ICE” in Scotland and look after the interests of all affiliated Ice Rinks and support and work with other bodies connected to our sport. Our aim is to develop and encourage participation by people of all ages into ice sports, both for general recreation and competition.

An elected Executive Committee manages the functions of SIRA comprising of three from each stakeholder group of Ice Rink Owners/Directors/Managers and Employees. The Executive Committee elects a Chair from SIRA Members every 2 years.

SIRA acts as a lobbying agent for ice sports with the Scottish Government, Sportsscotland and the Governing Bodies of Ice Sports including; Royal Caledonian Curling Club (RCCC), National Ice Skating Association (SK8scotland), Scottish Ice Hockey Association. SIRA works to promote specific initiatives to assist individual Ice Rinks eg: provide Health & Safety guidelines and information on energy efficiency.